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  • High Quality Jacquard Woven Microfiber - Durable and Stain Resistant
  • Imported
  • Width: 2 3/4" or 7 cm at the Widest Point (Passes the Dollar Bill Test)
  • Length: 60" or 153 cm from Tip to Tip
  • Thick Interlining for a Bigger, Optimal Knot
  • Other features: Fabric Keeper Loop and Label Loop, Rolled Edge, 2 Bar Tacks, Handmade Tie
  • Ideal Necktie Size to Show your Uniqueness

This 2 3/4" men's neck tie is your best chance to dress to impress. 
Its width falls right between the skinny 2 1/4" tie and the classic 3 1/4" tie. It is a rare size that will set you apart from the crowd. Its 60" length is exactly what is needed to tie any type of knot. Moreover, the interlining on this necktie is thick enough for optimal knots and for an eye catching rolled edge. 
You wouldn't trust us if you didn't see it.

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