As far as job interviews are concerned first impressions really do count. You should always dress in your best attire for the interview. You may have all the required skills for the job, and may have answered all questions correctly but still if you don’t know how to dress for an interview then you may not be selected for the job.

Your dress shows how serious and enthusiastic you are about the job. Wearing a casual or sporty dress can represents you as someone who doesn’t take his/her job seriously. No need to say that this pertness may lead you to rejection. So question arises that what you should wear to an interview.

The answer depends on both your sense of style, and the job you are interviewing for. But when we talk about a professional look a classic men’s suit and tie can always fulfill your requirement. Now let’s talk about two important things to look while choosing an interview suit:

Color and Fabric of Your Suit

Navy blue and charcoal gray are the two most acceptable and traditional colors for interview suits for men. These colors are appropriate in almost every situation. If you ever enter a room filled with male candidates for interview, probably you will find that most of them are in either dark gray or navy blue suits. In some occasions dark brown suits are acceptable too.

Depending on your budget, the fabric which you will need to be in your men’s suit will be made by wool, wool blends or other blends like polyester/rayon. The fabric of your suit should not be very shiny or filled with patterned texture.

The Cut of Your Suit

There are two cut’s for men’s suits are available; the traditional European and the classic American. American cut is supposed to be looser and boxier while European cut is a bit fitted. Both of these cuts are available in two or three button jackets.

Other Things to Look After

A smart business suit always needs to be well complemented by a dress shirt, tie and formal shoes.

Dress shirts come in silk, linen or cotton blend materials. For a complete professional look, a long sleeved white cotton shirt is always advisable. Other color alternatives for shits are pale yellow, pink and blue, but they will make you choosing your tie trickier. You can make your suit more appealing by choosing a right men’s tie. A subtle silk men’s tie with solid color is a great choice for an interview suit. Last but not the least is the choice of your shoes. The appropriate shoes for job interviews will be dress shoes in dark colors like black, dark brown and dark grey. They should be clean, sharp and with closed toes.

If you follow these tips, you would definitely increase your chances of being chosen for a job offer and get hired for job.


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