There are many occasions when a man needs to be dressed formally such as for job interview or a wedding function. Almost each and everyone wear a suit some time in their life. No doubt that men’s suits are one of the most important and expensive clothing item in any man’s wardrobe. Therefore it is obvious that most men would want to have their suits to be intact for a long period of time. Otherwise, you need to spend good part of your money buying new business suits every year.

Here are few tips you can follow to preserve the longevity of your suits:

Storing Your Suit

- Always use contoured plastic hangers to support the padding in the shoulders while storing your suits. This will retain the shoulder shape of your suits also it will prevent wrinkles from foaming. Use good quality hanger that is specially made for suits and store it in breathable garment bag. You can also invest in cedar hangers, which will smell nice and at the same time work naturally to repel moth.

- You should also use moth repellents and cloth fresheners in your wardrobe. This will keep away the insects which can damage your suits and also your cloths will smell nice.

- Before hanging it remove any stuff present in the suit pocket like keys, change and other items.

- Using a good and soft brush, brush your suit frequently to remove dust. This will keep your suit looking clean and crisp.

Wearing Your Suit

Do not wear the same suit regularly (e.g. 3-4 days in a row), as a suit’s clothing needs a day of rest to breath. Also you should unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down and pull your pants just a little so you don’t stretch the fabric.

Pressing and Dry Cleaning Your Suit

There is a general perception that whenever your suit gets dirty or wrinkled, you should get it dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning is advised only when your suit gets irrecoverably dirty and as a thumb rule as little as once a season. Just because dry-cleaning process require harsh chemicals and very high temperatures, excessive dry cleaning can shorten the life of the fabric.

If your suit is not really dirty but a little wrinkly, it should be pressed not dry-cleaned. For this you can also invest in a clothing steamer. A clothing steamer will allow you to get rid of your suit’s wrinkles each and every time you use without affecting the life span of your suit.

Following these tips will not only improve the longevity of your suits but also your suits will look better when wearing them.



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